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I see the light…

No one wants to heat the great outdoors. When you see daylight coming through the garage door, here are some of the symptoms, causes and solutions:

Solutions and causes
Light showing at jambs and header
Caulk wood door stop
Replace or adjust wood door stop
Replace or adjust jamb weather seal
Adjust vertical tracks
Light showing between the sections
Tighten hinges
Replace between section seals
Sections are damaged
Large light gap at the top of the door
Reduce temperature in garage
Install reinforcing truss on top section
Adjust track and top fixtures
Install top retainer and seal
Top section is damaged
Gaps at the bottom of the door
Repair uneven slab
Replace the bottom seal
Adjust garage door opener
Clear ice, snow or other debris
Bottom section is damaged
Light coming through stiles, rails or bolt holes on wood garage door
Replace door
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