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How to Choose a Garage Door Company


Lately, the media has spotlighted garage door companies who charge grossly inflated prices, performed unneeded work or do shoddy work. Here are a few tips to find a good company:

  1.  Call several companies. If you need a new garage door, get written quotes. If you need repairs, discuss the problems you’re having and get a verbal estimate of what it will cost.
  2. Beware of companies that do nothing but repairs. Unethical companies target repairs because (1) customers are desperate for a quick fix, (2) customers don’t know what garage door repairs cost, and (3) customers don’t know a necessary repair from a bogus one.
  3. Check online reviews with care. While online reviews can be helpful, they can also be manipulated. You might find that every company in your area has the same stellar rating. Call the companies. Much can be learned by how you are treated on the phone.
  4. Be wary of phones answered generically, such as “Garage Doors” or “Door Service.” Some unethical companies operate under so many names, they cannot answer their own phones honestly.
  5. Beware of excessive advertising. Seeing TV multiple ads, hearing them on the radio or having the most/largest ads in the Yellow Pages does not necessarily indicate a reputable company. In some cases, heavy advertising can actually indicate a disreputable company. Massive advertising expense is a key reason why some companies must charge high prices.
  6. A few other things that help make sure you get good service at a fair price:
    How long has the company been in business?
    Will the company provide you with proof of insurance?
    Are company vehicles neat and clean? Are they marked with the company’s name?How many years of experience do the technicians have?

Adapted from, How to Choose a Garage Door Repair Company, Spring 2013 and, Tips for Consumers.