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Garage door springs – how long will they live?

Garage door springs are rated by cycle life. A cycle is one full open and close. 10,000 cycles is the industry standard. Average use is 3 to 5 cycles per day, so you should expect 5 to 10 years from a properly maintained garage door.

Factors that reduce the spring life include extreme temperature, moisture or air quality changes, corrosive environments such as wash bays, failure to keep the springs properly lubricated, or a poorly maintained door.

What you can do. Keep the springs lubricated. Disconnect your garage door operator or throw the slide lock to prevent the door from operating while you’re working on it. Apply spray garage door lubricant (available at home improvement centers) on the springs. Reconnect the operator or unlock the door and run it several times to distribute the oil.

When a spring breaks, hire a professional. Torsion springs are dangerous. A typical residential spring change costs a modest amount. A reputable garage door mechanic will tune up the entire door and ensure that it is working well. If you use your garage door a lot, ask the mechanic to upgrade the spring cycle life.

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