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Easy and cost-effective curb appeal

Add decorative hardware.A street-facing garage door is about 30% of what people see when they look at your home. Here are some affordable ideas to increase your home’s beauty:

  • Wash the garage door. Just like your car, sometimes a simple wash does wonders.
  • Paint it. Most steel garage doors can be painted with an exterior grade latex paint. Check with your door’s manufacturer for instructions.
  • Add decorative hardware. Hinge spears and handles turn your garage into a carriage house.
  • Replace your garage door. Retrofitting a garage door is surprisingly affordable. Spruce things up with a different panel design, color, windows, decorative glass or window inserts. Check out our line of Richards-Wilcox quality made, beautiful garage doors. If you’re selling, Remodel Magazine estimates that in Alaska you will recoup 98% to 104% for every dollar spent on a new garage door1.

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