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SAFETY FIRST: Call a trained garage door mechanic if the garage door is binding, not level, sticking or is out of balance. NEVER loosen or move garage door springs, cables or brackets – they are under extreme tension and could cause serious injury, death or property damage. If in doubt, call us at 907-746-3900.

Here are a few of the most common garage door problems and the causes:

Garage Door

Symptom Cause Do I need a professional?
Door will not open Broken spring
Track obstruction
Cable off or broken
Door is too heavy to push open, closes too fast, or hits the floor hard Spring adjustment
Broken spring
Springs are incorrect
Loud noises when opening and closing the door Debris in the track
Lack of lubrication
Track out of adjustment
Rollers need replacing
Heard a loud bang, then door quit working Broken spring Yes
Scraping noises when door opens or closes Replace bearings
Bearing plate adjustment
Shaft damage

Garage Door Opener

Symptom Cause Do I need a professional?
Operator works from wall station, but not remotes Vacation switch is on
Remote needs new battery
Remote needs to be programmed
Door closes only if wall button is held in Photo eyes are not aligned No
Door starts to close and then reverses Photo eyes are not aligned
Objects are in door’s path
Door is binding
Force or travel adjustment needed
Door opens or closes by itself Remote button is stuck
Remote accidentally activated
Power surge
Door closes completely, and opens again Force or travel adjustment needed Maybe
Door starts to close and stops Force or travel adjustment needed
Garage door not balanced
Track adjustment needed
Operator runs, but door does not move Trolley carriage disengaged
Chain or belt off the sprocket
Sprocket broken
Opener is straining when door opens Broken spring
Track adjustment needed
Rollers need replacement
Lack of lubrication
Door not balanced
There is power to the electrical outlet, but no sound or lights when using the wall control or remotes Printed circuit board failure Maybe