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How to lubricate your garage door

When: Every 6 months Lubricant: Silicone based or garage door lubricant Where: Steel rollers, hinges, springs, spring shaft, end bearings. Do not spray lubricant on nylon tired rollers. Time: 10-15 minutes Cost: $10 for a can of garage door lubricant Safety: Close the door and disconnect the electric operator before beginning. To keep your garage door running smoothly and … Read More

How to Choose a Garage Door Company

  Lately, the media has spotlighted garage door companies who charge grossly inflated prices, performed unneeded work or do shoddy work. Here are a few tips to find a good company:  Call several companies. If you need a new garage door, get written quotes. If you need repairs, discuss the problems you’re having and get a verbal estimate of what it will cost. Beware of companies that … Read More

Where to find us

Our sales office and warehouse location is 5768 E. Gershmel Loop, Palmer, Alaska. Find us by going south on Trunk Road to the end, turn right on East Fireweed, and then turn left onto Gershmel Loop. Our telephone and fax numbers remain the same. … Read More

Easy and cost-effective curb appeal

A street-facing garage door is about 30% of what people see when they look at your home. Here are some affordable ideas to increase your home’s beauty: Wash the garage door. Just like your car, sometimes a simple wash does wonders. Paint it. Most steel garage doors can be painted with an exterior grade latex paint. Check with your door’s manufacturer for instructions. Add decorative … Read More

Garage door springs – how long will they live?

Garage door springs are rated by cycle life. A cycle is one full open and close. 10,000 cycles is the industry standard. Average use is 3 to 5 cycles per day, so you should expect 5 to 10 years from a properly maintained garage door. Factors that reduce the spring life include extreme temperature, moisture or air quality changes, corrosive environments such as wash bays, failure to keep the … Read More

I see the light…

No one wants to heat the great outdoors. When you see daylight coming through the garage door, here are some of the symptoms, causes and solutions: Symptom Solutions and causes Light showing at jambs and header Caulk wood door stop Replace or adjust wood door stop Replace or adjust jamb weather seal Adjust vertical tracks Light showing between the sections Tighten hinges Replace between … Read More